Barry Walker and the Tanks (SHR 03)

Self-titled album from Barry Walker and the Tanks.  Hand assembled records from the Oregon country.  Bowling ball vino tinto-colored vinyl.  Produced by the Tanks.  Mastered for vinyl by sound wizard Charlie Miller.

***DEBUT vinyl release from Snake Handler Recordings!

tanks front cover   Tanks back cover

Track list:

side a:
1. Your Daddy’s Lake
2. My Flame (grew too hot for your spark)
3. Comin’ Down
4. Valerie

side b:
1. The Iceman
2. L.T.D.
3. Volk Jam -> Alcohol and Nicotine
4. To Attica

Rocker Dan Jones says, “I enjoyed the sh** outta these jams, man. There’s a sweet spot where classic country jam rock music leans toward Crazy Horse (and even some Television), with stripped down punky guitar directness. This is the sound of summer from a place where summer only lasts two months.”

Listen to the digital single: “L.T.D.”
(and…Side A is featured on the CD-R release “Vol 1: Your Daddy’s Lake“)

FOR A COPY please email:  Snakehandlerrecordings at gmail dot com
Or, order below, and make sure to include your address:



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