Sinthaxis – Bending Space Machine (SHR 04)

The debut album by Sinthaxis.  Uruguayan/Oregonian country new age: Banjos and udus, pedal steels and congas, flutes and handclaps. Black Vinyl.  Produced by Sinthaxis and mastered by Charlie Miller.


side a
1. Té en Túnez (Waiting for the War to End)
2. El Rey Adar
3. Nelson’s Retreat

side b
1. Babble On, Babby
2. Wusûhihûñ’yǐ (There Where They Stay Over Night)

“Atmosphere. That’s what this record is about. But certainly not an atmosphere I’ve ever breathed before” -Agustín Soto

“I’ve been listening to Sinthaxis during my yoga practice at home for the past week and it’s awesome to convene on the spirit plane with your music. I stayed in headstand 7 minutes with the help of Nelson’s Retreat. And, it reminds me of one of my favorite records ever, Clube da Esquina.”  –Angela James

More information about Sinthaxis Here
Listen Here

FOR A COPY of the VINYL please email: Snakehandlerrecordings at gmail dot com.
$10 plus shipping


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