Roselit Bone – Blacken & Curl (SHR 07)

First vinyl release by Roselit Bone.  Apocalyptic, psychedelic country and western music.  Recorded in Portland Oregon, 2013 – 2014.
LP $12 (Black vinyl.  edition of 500 copies).  CDs $5 (edition of 300)

roselit bone cover

side a:
1. Slow Hot Death
2. From Sun to Sun
3. Dust on a Calf
4. No Color of Earth or Sky

side b:
1. Land of Broken Men
2. Roselit Bone
3. Mojave
4. My Coward Heart (Is Yearning)

Music can be heard and downloaded HERE
For more info contact the Snake Handler through this website,
or roselitebone_at_gmail_dot_Com


That Coyote (SHR 06)

First release from That Coyote, a Corvallis, OR prog/hard rock band.
Captured sonically by the Vallis Labs mobile recording unit at the Ruby Palace, OR.
CDR, edition of 100.  (CDRs sold out.  download only, see below)


Track List

1. Shipwrecked on Olympus
2. Spark ->
3. Wolves
4. Cheating Life
5. Change
6. Thousand Mile Stare

The music can be heard and downloaded HERE