That Coyote (SHR 06)

First release from That Coyote, a Corvallis, OR prog/hard rock band.
Captured sonically by the Vallis Labs mobile recording unit at the Ruby Palace, OR.
CDR, edition of 100.  (CDRs sold out.  download only, see below)


Track List

1. Shipwrecked on Olympus
2. Spark ->
3. Wolves
4. Cheating Life
5. Change
6. Thousand Mile Stare

The music can be heard and downloaded HERE



Barry Walker and the Tanks (SHR 03)

Self-titled album from Barry Walker and the Tanks.  Hand assembled records from the Oregon country.  Bowling ball vino tinto-colored vinyl.  Produced by the Tanks.  Mastered for vinyl by sound wizard Charlie Miller.

***DEBUT vinyl release from Snake Handler Recordings!

tanks front cover   Tanks back cover

Track list:

side a:
1. Your Daddy’s Lake
2. My Flame (grew too hot for your spark)
3. Comin’ Down
4. Valerie

side b:
1. The Iceman
2. L.T.D.
3. Volk Jam -> Alcohol and Nicotine
4. To Attica

Rocker Dan Jones says, “I enjoyed the sh** outta these jams, man. There’s a sweet spot where classic country jam rock music leans toward Crazy Horse (and even some Television), with stripped down punky guitar directness. This is the sound of summer from a place where summer only lasts two months.”

Listen to the digital single: “L.T.D.”
(and…Side A is featured on the CD-R release “Vol 1: Your Daddy’s Lake“)

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